The Dryzone System
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How the Process Works: The number of variables influencing the drying process are large and some difficult to control. The dryzone system will give the kiln operator a control and insight into the drying process that has never been available before. The Dryzone system has been designed and developed to give accurate and repeatable moisture measurement to ensure a consistent quality of timber is achieved. The Dryzone process works as follows:

  1. Two steel plates are inserted into each of the selected stacks.
  2. The charge is pushed into the kiln and the probes are connected to each of the steel plates by means of a spring clip.
  3. A meter on the outside of the kiln wall measures the dielectric properties of the timber between the two plates.
  4. These measurements are sent to a controller where they are combined with a mathematical model and converted to the moisture content of the timber between the plates.
  5. An LCD screen plots the moisture content on a graph and  also displays it as a percentage.
  6. The kiln operator has to watch the screen and monitor the drying process. He can act according to the information displayed and shut down the kiln at the desired moisture content.
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